È il Web3 il futuro di Internet?

Is Web3 the future of the Internet?

There are those who believe in it unconditionally. But for some it is a utopia by Thomas Stackpole Do you remember the first time you heard about bitcoin? Probably, it was just a vague hint of a new technology that could have changed everything. Maybe you have ...
Verso il Festival del Futuro: intervista a Enrico Sassoon

Towards the Festival of the Future: interview with Enrico Sassoon

In view of the Festival of the Future, scheduled from 18 to 20 November in Verona and in streaming, we interviewed Enrico Sassoon, scientific director of the Festival and director of HBR Italia. What are the news of the next edition? A phygital event to discuss the challenges that await us with national and international speakers.
Guarda il webinar: “Il rilancio dell’economia italiana: quali obiettivi e quali strumenti?”

Watch the webinar: "The relaunch of the Italian economy: which objectives and which tools?"

The Italian economy faces an unprecedented link between ancient problems, the extraordinary crisis due to the pandemic, the unprecedented opportunities given by the change in European policies. They discuss it in this webinar that went online on 15 July 2020, moderated by the director of HBR Italy Enrico Sassoon, Veronica De Romanis, professor of Economic Policy at Stanford University and Luiss, Luigi Consiglio, president of GEA, Marco Fortis, professor at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and vice-president of the Edison Foundation, and Manuela D'Onofrio, Head of Group Investments & Solutions of Unicredit. Cristiano Grosa (GEA) handles questions from the public.