A partner more than a sponsor

The sponsoring companies of the event will have a privileged place to understand the macro trends that will characterize our future, they will be at the forefront of discussions and, in some cases, they will also have their own speaker or address the topic of a seminar. The quality of the event is given by the level of the interlocutors and by the scientific collaboration with one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world of economics and business: the Harvard Business Review and its well-known Macrotrends ™ Project.

Sponsoring companies will also be able to access a large number of companies with which to share products, technologies and ideas not only in the three days in Verona but throughout the year thanks to the community of the festival site. Added to this is the media visibility guaranteed by the festival's press office activity, the collaboration with the Athesis group which will publish 7 specials of 16 pages on the topics of the meetings. Athesis means not only important newspapers, but also television, internet, social media that collaborate with the Festival.

Sponsors are also guaranteed to feature on the festival’s digital and traditional marketing campaigns.


Digital activities for sponsors

Brand visibility won’t be limited to the duration of the festival but, especially for 2020, will feature on all the festival’s digital content, guaranteeing a long-lasting, stable link between the brands.

Festival del Futuro is becoming ever more digital, with a fortnightly newsletter and regular activity on the social networks Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

Sponsors are also guaranteed to feature in the video interviews and podcasts that will be added to the news section of the website on a weekly basis, which will feature personalities from Italy and abroad giving their perspectives on the future.