Relive the Festival!

You can now relive the fourth edition of the Festival. The most current topics brought together great experts from the national and international scene, emphasizing the great challenges we will have to face in the future.

November 24th

Intro greetings

Anticipate and build our future

The new geopolitical and geoeconomic balance after the war in Ukraine

Horizon 2030: the challenges for Italian industry

November 25th

The new planetary energy balances and the consequences for Italy

Solidarity between economy and society. The future tasks of finance

A sustainable finance for a sustainable world

The perspectives of technology

Challenge of Sustainable Innovation and Converging Technologies


Keynote speech by Giorgio Metta, Scientific Director of IIT

The new frontier of the Internet: Web3 and Metaverse enabled by Blockchain technology


The new frontier of the Internet: Web3 and Metaverse enabled by Blockchain technology – roundtable

Interview with Stefano Rosso, CEO, BVX, CEO, D-CAVE


The evolution of production enabled by the Digital Factory

Interview with Carla Masperi of SAP Italia


Opportunities and challenges of evolving digital technologies

The strategic assets of the future


November 26th

After the great pandemic: what does the future hold for us?


The new globalization: reshoring and greater autonomy of production chains

The Italian system in international competition


The new challenge of culture and Made in Italy between heritage and technological innovation.

Web3, metaverse, NFT: what are we really talking about?


Cultural heritage between virtual reality and digital platforms

The industrial heritage between the future and internationalisation


The champions of Made in Italy and the NFTs

The new forms of work and the prospects of the younger generations


Final conclusions