The imperative to regulate the technological landscape of the future (by Mark Esposito)

Companies focused on essentially digital business practices and models are now not only among those with the highest market capitalization globally, but also the most important economic players from a structural point of view. Their market power, but also their political power, therefore need to be carefully regulated to avoid the risks of serious distortions.


Start-up: dare to win (by Carl Schramm)

A pragmatic vision: making accurate strategic plans does not always determine business success. Often the best thing to do is to throw your heart over the obstacle. An in-depth study to download and read, written by the American economist, entrepreneur and writer Carl Schramm.

smart mobility

The new trends in smart mobility around the world

In the coming years the value of mobility services will not undergo significant changes but, following the impact of the pandemic crisis, the choices of both producers and consumers will change. Download the study.

mobilità elettrica

The real costs of electric mobility (by Oliviero Baccelli)

According to experts, the cost differential with respect to endothermic motor vehicles, mainly due to the cost of the batteries, will reduce in a short time until it disappears. However, regulations, technological developments and consumer purchasing choices have a substantial impact on this dynamic.

Silicon Valley
Featured in HP, Study

Silicon Valley. And beyond (by Alex Lazarow)

High-growth tech start-ups are the miracle of the last few decades. The billion-dollar-plus so-called "unicorns" have transformed the way business is done. They are concentrated in talented cities such as Palo Alto, London and Tel Aviv, and are a source of inspiration for new entrepreneurs around the world.


Against protectionism, a "different" globalization

Trade conflicts and resurgent nationalisms threaten stability and growth around the world. But it is possible to counteract the drift by relaunching multilateralism that is more attentive to the needs of individuals and communities.


That elusive green consumer

People say they want environmentally friendly products, but they tend not to buy them. Here's how to remedy this by using smart marketing tools. We publish the study by Katherine White, lecturer and academic director of the Dillon Center for Business Ethics.


Women and work: some progress, but what an effort!

Over the past decade, progress has been made both in the employment rate and in the top positions, but wage gaps and discrimination in the workplace remain strong. The study of Emidia Melideo, journalist and editor of Harvard Business Review Italia.

Speciale Festival del Futuro: E ora mobilità intelligente

And now smart mobility: from the scooter to the electric car

"And now intelligent mobility: from scooters to electric cars" is the third special in view of the Festival del Futuro 2020, published in the Athesis newspapers on October 15, 2020 and edited by Harvard Business Review Italia, Athesis and Excellence d'impresa. Read the introduction and download the complete pdf.