Promessa idrogeno (di Carlo Stagnaro)

Hydrogen promise (by Carlo Stagnaro)

It has now been presented as a chimera, now as the panacea for all ills. More simply, it can make an important contribution to energy transition policies. The article was published on Macrotrends 2021-2022 by HBR Italia.
Il Mar Cinese Meridionale e il futuro dell’ordine globale (di Richard J. Heydarian) 

The South China Sea and the Future of the Global Order (by Richard J. Heydarian) 

Located in the heart of Asia, this hotly contested, resource-rich sea is not only a vital artery of international trade, through which nearly $ 5 trillion of goods pass each year, but also the epicenter of superpower rivalry. In particular, between an increasingly assertive China and the United States, which is in relative decline. The article taken from Macrotrends 2021-2022.
Le nuove frontiere del nomadismo digitale (di Andrea Granelli)

The new frontiers of digital nomadism (by Andrea Granelli)

The pandemic has accelerated innovative and complex forms of work, based on a skilful use of time and the digital tool, which are destined to remain in the future. However, it is not a question of banal remoting of work, but of completely new ways that digital technology makes possible and that we need to learn to master. The article published on Macrotrends 2021-2022.
L’imperativo di regolamentare il panorama tecnologico del futuro (di Mark Esposito)

The imperative to regulate the technological landscape of the future (by Mark Esposito)

Companies focused on essentially digital business practices and models are now not only among those with the highest market capitalization globally, but also the most important economic players from a structural point of view. Their market power, but also their political power, therefore need to be carefully regulated to avoid the risks of serious distortions.
Start-up: osare per vincere (di Carl Schramm)

Start-up: dare to win (by Carl Schramm)

A pragmatic vision: making accurate strategic plans does not always determine business success. Often the best thing to do is to throw your heart over the obstacle. An in-depth study to download and read, written by the American economist, entrepreneur and writer Carl Schramm.
I nuovi trend della smart mobility nel mondo

The new trends in smart mobility around the world

In the coming years the value of mobility services will not undergo significant changes but, following the impact of the pandemic crisis, the choices of both producers and consumers will change. Download the study.