Hydrogen promise (by Carlo Stagnaro)

21-12-2021 | Study

It has now been presented as a chimera, now as the panacea for all ills. More simply, it can make an important contribution to energy transition policies. The article was published on Macrotrends 2021-2022 by HBR Italia.

by Carlo Stagnaro 

The surge in gas and electricity prices in recent weeks has pushed the leaders Europeans a questioning the sustainability of energy transition policies. There decarbonization it has little to do with the observed increases, which mainly depend on a (conjunctural?) imbalance between gas supply and demand. However, it risks exacerbating its effects. Precisely for this reason the Spanish government, followed shortly after by the French one, asked the Commission for one assessment criticism of the rules of the energy markets, with the twofold objective of not overburdening the competitiveness of European companies and not aggravating the condition of families in energy poverty.

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