Verso il Festival del Futuro: intervista a Enrico Sassoon

Towards the Festival of the Future: interview with Enrico Sassoon

In view of the Festival of the Future, scheduled from 18 to 20 November in Verona and in streaming, we interviewed Enrico Sassoon, scientific director of the Festival and director of HBR Italia. What are the news of the next edition? A phygital event to discuss the challenges that await us with national and international speakers.
Raffaele Mauro (Partner Primo Space): «Branson, Bezos, ma non solo. Anche le PMI rivoluzionano il settore spaziale»

Raffaele Mauro (Partner Primo Space): «Branson, Bezos, but not only. SMEs are also revolutionizing the space sector "

To the microphones of the Festival of the Future Raffaele Mauro, Partner Primo Space, to talk about the new space economy looking not only at the big names (from Elon Musk down), but also at the whole ecosystem that continues to develop in Italy. Mauro will be among the guests of the event "The new frontier of the Space Economy" on November 18th at the Festival del Futuro.