Come i Chief Data Officer possono creare valore

How Chief Data Officers can create value

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) role was only established in 2002, but has grown tremendously since then. In a recent survey of large companies, the 83% reported having a CDO. It's no surprise: data and the approaches to understanding it (analytics and AI) are incredibly important in today's organizations.
Scenari di guerra e pace

Scenarios of war and peace

Riflessioni sugli scenari futuri al 2050, tra globalizzazione e frammentazione. Di fronte agli eventi di questi mesi, è crescente l’inquietudine dell’opinione pubblica per quanto potrebbe accadere a breve, ma anche a medio e lungo termine. Un’inquietudine che riguarda...
Come Microsoft è tornata a essere innovativa

How Microsoft is innovating again

For years, tech industry watchers have viewed Microsoft as a 20th-century phenomenon, rich and happy thanks to its monopoly on Windows—the tech giant hadn't introduced a breakthrough innovation in decades. by Behnam...
Le sette promesse dell’intelligenza artificiale

The seven promises of artificial intelligence

A brief review of the prospects for use for companies, but also for individuals, in the year that has just begun by Eugenio Zuccarelli 2022 was another year of exponential growth for artificial intelligence (AI), both for business and for the...
Nel metaverso un nuovo concetto di spazio e di tempo

In the metaverse a new concept of space and time

It is difficult to understand and evaluate today the impacts on our perceptive and psychic system of the new opportunities of the metaverse. But they will certainly be relevant and transformative. by Andrea Granelli Few perhaps remember it, but the term "metaverse" was coined...
Intelligenza artificiale: siamo alla svolta?

Artificial intelligence: are we at the turning point?

2023 will be a year of great decisions by Enrico Sassoon It is certainly the theme of the moment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being talked about more and more and we hear from many quarters that 2023 represents a year of great decisions in relation to great progress in...