Il futuro delle competenze. Intervista a Francesca Rosso

The future of skills. Interview with Francesca Rosso

In this new podcast we address the issue of skills, seen from the point of view of young people and businesses. Interview with Francesca Rosso, Human Capital Development Expert and Coordinator for Skills Demand Analysis of ETF (European Training Foundation).
Verso il Festival del Futuro: intervista a Enrico Sassoon

Towards the Festival of the Future: interview with Enrico Sassoon

In view of the Festival of the Future, scheduled from 18 to 20 November in Verona and in streaming, we interviewed Enrico Sassoon, scientific director of the Festival and director of HBR Italia. What are the news of the next edition? A phygital event to discuss the challenges that await us with national and international speakers.
Cina e Stati Uniti, a che punto siamo? Intervista a Danilo Taino

China and the United States, where are we? Interview with Danilo Taino

At the microphones of the Festival of the Future, the intervention of Danilo Taino, journalist and author of Corriere della Sera, to talk about the USA and China. How does the clash / confrontation between the two super powers continue? Economic warfare is also fought on the edge of technology. In the world, the dominance of Big Tech does not only speak American. And the TikTok question? Is the ByteDance social network the expression of Beijing's soft power over the West?