Telmo Pievani (Università di Padova): «Ecco che aspetto avrà l’Italia nel 2786»

Telmo Pievani (University of Padua): "This is what Italy will look like in 2786"

Telmo Pievani, professor of philosophy of biological sciences at the University of Padua, intervenes at the Festival del Futuro. Author of the book "Journey to Anthropocene Italy - the visionary geography of our future" (written with Mauro Varotto and published by Aboca), he talked about climate change, the impact of human activities on ecosystems. It is not too late to change course and make the necessary transitions. And the University must also do its part.
Mauro Conti, il professore che insegna la cybersecurity: «Il mercato ha fame di esperti per prevenire gli attacchi»

Mauro Conti, the professor who teaches cybersecurity: "The market is hungry for experts to prevent attacks"

Digital runs fast and cybersecurity must chase it. To do this, cybersecurity experts are needed, and Italian universities are organizing to train them. Because today the new attacks are directed at the security systems themselves. So the scholars of the sector must investigate the vulnerabilities in advance. Mauro Conti, the professor in charge of the master's degree course in cybersecurity at the University of Padua, tells about it to Giulia Cimpanelli in a podcast of the Festival del Futuro.