Intervista ad Alessandro Giraudo, economista

Interview with Alessandro Giraudo, economist

In this interview we deepen the very current topic of raw materials, influenced in the last two years by the effects of the pandemic crisis and the recent war events. Alessandro Giraudo studied in Turin, Genoa, Berkeley and Salzburg. He teaches International Finance and Commodity Geopolitics. He is the author of 17 books including "Extraordinary Stories of Raw Materials (1 & 2)" and collaborated in the drafting of the latest Macrotrends 2022 - The new (dis) global order, entitled "Raw materials: abundant, despite everything".
Intervista a Emilio Rossi, presidente e founder di EconPartners e senior advisor di Oxford Economics

Interview with Emilio Rossi, president and founder of EconPartners and senior advisor of Oxford Economics

The interview with Emilio Rossi, president and founder of EconPartners and senior advisor of Oxford Economics, is dedicated to the international economic prospects in the coming years. We will try to give an answer and to anticipate some of the themes that will be treated during the next edition of the Festival del Futuro, in Verona from 24 to 26 November. An analysis on future trends related to the pandemic and the economic effects of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, including the supply of raw materials, the impact on the growth and competitiveness of companies in Italy, and much more.
Intervista a Enrico Grecchi (Project Leader Convergenze) al Festival del Futuro

Interview with Enrico Grecchi (Project Leader Convergenze) at the Festival del Futuro

The interview with Enrico Grecchi, Project Leader of Convergenze. At the Festival of the Future he brought the example of Pudu Robotics, a fast-growing Chinese startup with 3,000 employees. Convergenze is the reality that is making some of its robots known to the Italian market. At Veronafiere, during the 2021 edition of the Festival, the participants were able to touch this technology first-hand. Both as regards the delivery of food and for the sanitation of the environments.