Intervista a Enrico Grecchi (Project Leader Convergenze) al Festival del Futuro

Interview with Enrico Grecchi (Project Leader Convergenze) at the Festival del Futuro

The interview with Enrico Grecchi, Project Leader of Convergenze. At the Festival of the Future he brought the example of Pudu Robotics, a fast-growing Chinese startup with 3,000 employees. Convergenze is the reality that is making some of its robots known to the Italian market. At Veronafiere, during the 2021 edition of the Festival, the participants were able to touch this technology first-hand. Both as regards the delivery of food and for the sanitation of the environments.
Roberto Battiston (Università di Trento): «Elon Musk, un cowboy competente della space economy»

Roberto Battiston (University of Trento): "Elon Musk, a competent cowboy of the space economy"

From telecommunications to precision agriculture and disaster monitoring. Space is getting closer and closer and its economic value is getting wider. It is worth between 300 and 400 billion euros a year, with broad growth prospects. And this also thanks to the entry of private individuals. One for all? Elon Musk, who goes into orbit on behalf of NASA with his SpaceX. The interview with Roberto Battiston, professor of experimental physics at the University of Trento and former president of the Italian Space Agency.
Bitcoin, la criptomoneta più famosa. Che futuro aspettarsi?

Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency. What future to expect?

The history of bitcoin in a minute. Coined by Satoshi Nakamoto over ten years ago, the cryptocurrency reached $ 63,000 for the first time in April 2021. What future can we expect? Will there be a new bubble, or will bitcoin establish itself as a new safe haven?