Andrea Stocchetti (Ca’ Foscari): «Auto elettriche? Il vero obiettivo è meno veicoli in città»

Andrea Stocchetti (Ca 'Foscari): «Electric cars? The real goal is fewer vehicles in the city "

How to accelerate the change towards sustainability that is economic, environmental and social at the same time? From the role of public administrations to integrated urban planning, from participatory projects to new professional figures such as the mobility manager and the mobility mediator. We discussed it with Andrea Stocchetti, associate professor of Business management & Competitive Analysis and teacher of the Master Mobility Innovation & Management of Ca 'Foscari Challenge School.
Festival del Futuro 2020: tutti i video da rivedere online

Festival of the Future 2020: all the videos to watch online

The Festival del Futuro Digital Edition 2020 took place from 19 to 21 November in live streaming on 16 web channels, generating over 870 thousand views. But the event does not end in the live broadcast. Discussion panels, keynote speeches, interviews remain available to the community and the public on the festival's YouTube channel. We publish here the playlist with the video recording of all the appointments. Good vision.
Gianluca Maruzzella ( «Così l’intelligenza artificiale aiuta la ricerca sul Covid»

Gianluca Maruzzella ( "This is how artificial intelligence helps Covid research"

Coronavirus, not only the contagion curve is growing, but also scientific publications, on the one hand, and fake news, on the other side. To navigate this growing complexity, the startup has developed an algorithm called “Record”, which helps researchers find the answer to their questions in the huge pool of scientific literature. And then “Vera” a virtual assistant dedicated to the fight against disinformation. Gianluca Maruzzella, co-founder and CEO, talks about it. Interview by Giacomo Porra.
“L’innovazione, motore della ripresa”: guarda i video integrali dell’evento di Vicenza

“Innovation, engine of recovery”: watch the full videos of the Vicenza event

Watch the playlist with the full videos of “Innovation, engine of recovery. After the pandemic crisis: tools and objectives to compete in the long term ”, the event held on 22 October at the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza. With Alberto Baban, Marino Quaresimin, Norberto Roveri, Emilio Rossi, Arianna Visentini, Paolo Iacci, Filippo Miola, Mario Carraro and Roberto Poli.