Black Friday, early Christmas between the chip crisis and the environmental issue

25-11-2021 | News

A new edition of the Black Friday. On Friday 26 November, what consumers around the world have come to know how to take place early Christmas. Launched in the States United, the Friday shopping after the turkey binge on Thanksgiving is an appointment of today's consumerism, which is followed closely by the Cyber Monday (November 29), dedicated to the world of technology. In reality, just take a look at both ecommerce and physical stores to understand that the offers cover all types of goods and are spread more and more during the year. In short, every occasion is good and the Black Friday is none other than the highlight before the Christmas surge. Let's just give a few numbers: SMEs active on Amazon's global showcase posted sales of $ 4.8 billion over last year's long weekend.

We also talked about these topics at the latest edition of Festival del Futuro, which ended a few days ago in Verona (on our channel YouTube you will soon find the videos of the three days, even with video clips). On our page Facebook Meanwhile, the videos are already available.

In the year of the passing of the baton between Jeff Bezos is Andy Jassy, who took over as CEO of the Seattle giant, Amazon and ecommerce in general seem to be traveling at full speed. The acceleration of the pandemic, with millions of people locked up at home during the lockdown (some still ongoing in different countries), has prompted several consumers to get used to a new way to buy goods and products. The online, until ten years ago still seen as secondary to live business, has become an essential element to continue to to remain competitive. In a similar scenario, however, they remain matters open concerning the production chain and the sustainability.

US and China: the chip battle

The semiconductor crisis, for example, it is one of the variables that most could impact on purchases (and also on the intentions) of the next few days. Also last year different products technological were missing from the shelves due to one shortage of components. There China, among the major chip makers, has the knife on the side of the handle at a similar juncture, while the United States of Biden they are looking for ways to be less dependent on imports. It will be to help Washington Samsung, which he just announced a $ 17 billion plan to build and inaugurate a chip factory in Texas by 2024, guaranteeing over 2,000 jobs. Meanwhile, experts warn: the crisis could last a long time. And Europe? To push for semiconductor production to return as strong as it once was (the European share was 35% in 1990, while today it is 9%) was Germany, which aims to invest billions for one supply chain leaner and more efficient.

Black Friday and ecological transition

Another knot still to be solved is the burden on the environment of the logistics. The Black Friday, as well as all the other days of the year spent making purchases online, have a significant impact on emissions. If it is true that consumers can save on gasoline, couriers and drivers have a busy schedule of deliveries. The associations environmentalists have repeatedly pointed the finger at the harms of online consumerism, which moves fleets of ships, trains, planes and vans with the force of a touch. Means not always ecological as reported years ago by the Guardian, according to which over 80,000 diesel-powered vans operated on British soil during the Black Friday period. The theme is also known to Amazon, which indeed ordered 100,000 electric vans to the Rivian scaleup, which recently went public.

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