Geopolitics, the Indian scenario between growth and democratic crisis

31-08-2021 | News

There world vaccine factory lived one of the most tragic pages of the pandemic. India, a subcontinent with over 1 billion inhabitants, is still facing the effects of superficial management of the coronavirus emergency. However, it remains one of the global players on which geopolitics experts focus most attention for scenarios future. "It is perhaps the country with the greatest growth potential for the next few decades," he explained Nicola Missaglia, research fellow atIspi (Institute for International Political Studies) of Milan -. Just look at the demographic aspect: about the 50% of the population is under 24 and the 65% is under 30. This means that India will have a workforce for the next decades that other economies will not be able to afford ».

India: a possible ally of the West

The fight USA-China it is among the most complex globally (as we have heard from the journalist's words Danilo Taino in the last episode of ours podcast) and, in this context, India is a potential ally of the West by virtue of its rivalry with the Asian giant. "As a country it is located in a field more similar to ours - commented the ISPI expert - and the possible convergences are numerous". According toOECD, net of the effects of the pandemic, the power led by the religious nationalist Narendra Ways it could close 2021 with an 8% GDP growth. "It is clear that with over 1 million young people entering the labor market every month, the middle class and consumption continue to grow."

Cities and excellences

In addition to the capital New Delhi, there are several metropolises and regions that show a important growth trend. "In Delhi there is politics, in Mumbai there is the economy - he argued Missaglia -. But I also mention the case of Bangalore, a city that has invested heavily in services, hi-tech and startups. The companies of the future are growing in these urban centers ». Many of which specialize in the field of health andhealthcare. “India is facing a complex period because it started the vaccination campaign late, even though it produces many vaccines which it has exported. The primacy in the field pharmaceutical it will remain because it is mainly due to the Indian scientific population, very large and very well formed. Millions of engineers graduate with excellent studies ». On the theme of future of healthcare the program of the next edition of the Festival del Futuro is scheduled for Thursday 18 November "Post-Pandemic: How We Will Address Future Global Health Crises“, Panel in collaboration with the University of Verona and Humanitas. Discover the whole program here.

Democracy in crisis?

Known as the largest democracy in the world, India has long been confronted with the leadership of the nationalist Ways. Net of the atavistic problems of a huge and complex society, according to the expert Ispi il template Indian also offers interesting ideas for European eyes. «It is a country that emerged from colonialism which has built its foundations around two pillars: pluralism, or coexistence between different languages and cultures, and secularism. This was the India of the constituent fathers, who gave birth to a very interesting constitution. In recent years, it is true, we are witnessing trends that I would define illiberal, as has happened in other democracies. However, I believe - he concluded - that the system will withstand all these pressures ».

by Alessandro Di Stefano

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