On the pandemic and other crises: Mannheimer and Giovannini at the new webinar of the Macrotrends project

5-01-2021 | News


There pandemic continues to rage but health experts are already predicting other serious crises in the future. Nor is health care the only one: the climate crisis is looming, the economic crisis is still among us, a financial one linked to the accumulation of global debt is possible, an employment linked to technology probable. And then migratory, geo-political, social and other crises can arise both at the local and general level. Predicting is a must, preparing is essential.

These will be the themes at the center of the new webinar of the Macrotrends project, entitled "The pandemic and other crises: an evolving perspective", scheduled for January 14, 2021 from 1pm to 2pm. They participate Enrico Giovannini, spokesperson for AsVis, Umberto Bertelè, professor emeritus at the Politecnico di Milano, Ugo Loser, CEO of Arca Fondi Sgr, Danilo Taino, columnist for the Corriere della Sera, e Renato Mannheimer, sociologist of Eumetra. Moderate Enrico Sassoon, director of Harvard Business Review Italy.

The online seminar, promoted by Harvard Business Review Italia is Arca Fondi SGR, is the third in a series of 4 in which the 2020-2021 Macrotrends Report entitled “Beyond the crisis: designing the new world” is presented in detail.

To connect to the webinar, simply connect to the following link on the day and time indicated: https://arca.webex.com/arca/onstage/g.php?MTID=ec76389162fdac0f6df13c37ed5b6c901

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