Festival of the Future | How to cope with the exponential pace of innovation. Interview with Umberto Bertelè

4-11-2021 | News


To the Festival del Futuro - scheduled from 18 to 20 November in Verona and in streaming, registrations are open - the expected panels will have as their topic the trends that are influencing thetoday and that give us an idea of what the tomorrow. For decades the internet has shaped the world of work and beyond, creating new paradigms. Innovation plays a fundamental role and keeping up, remaining competitive, is an essential element both for companies, large and small, as well as for freelancers. On this question, we suggest the appointment scheduled for Thursday 18 November, from 10: The technological challenge: how to cope with the exponential pace of innovation. As for other meetings of the three days of the Festival del Futuro, we interviewed the chairman of the session, Umberto Bertelè, professor emeritus of strategy and president of the Digital Innovation Observatory at the Politecnico di Milano.

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«In the panel of the Festival of the Future - he explained to us Bertelè- I would like to exalt to the maximum the importance of technological innovation in this historical moment. It is necessary to explain to companies how much it is necessary to be attentive to how the system evolves in order to remain competitive on a global scale ". Among the many areas in which innovation runs we mention that digital and the one related to sustainability. «But I would also add that of health. In these sectors, the drive for innovation is strong, with many resources at stake. And this means that, if they do not change their attitude, various companies are destined to go out of business: it is important that the skills of those who work and young people are promoted ”.

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What role can Italy play in the global scenarios? «Let us mention the case of the electric car: Italy no longer has large car productions, but has a series of companies that operate with significant components in the field of sustainable mobility. The transition to ecars changes everything: the components are different and fewer people are needed. If, as it seems, we are heading towards a market where only electric cars will be sold, we need to work on skills, unless we want to risk becoming marginal. After all, we already are from a numerical point of view: the projections say that in 2050 the European population will be just 7% of the world population ”.

Innovation in Italy and in the world owes a lot toecosystem from the startups. In Italy, over 12 thousand those registered by the MISE, represent an essential fabric for those in search of innovations. "It is clear that not all of them can be successful, but you need the ability and the desire to grow - he concluded Umberto Bertelè -. A problem with Italy is that we see growth only from an economic point of view, not as a desire to express and establish itself as Bezos and Musk did in the USA ».

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