Festival of the Future | The new frontier of the space economy. Interview with Roberto Paura

12-10-2021 | Featured in HP, News

roberto paura space economy

Among the many topics covered by the program of the Festival of the Future - 18, 19 and 20 November in Verona and in streaming - the space economy it is certainly among the most current. In the year that consecrated important private companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin is Virgin Galactic, it is important to analyze the opportunities of the market, also to understand what kind of impact the sector will have on society and on the world of work. The panel speakers will talk about this and much more The new frontier of the space economy, scheduled for Thursday 18 November at 3:15 pm. In view of the Festival of the Future we have collected some impressions from Roberto Paura, chairman of the session and co-founder of theItalian Institute for the Future.

«The space economy started with the big players - he explained - but it is essential to understand how there can be as widespread repercussions as possible on the economy. Today there are large public entities: what needs to be developed is a supply chain and a private sector ». According to Roberto Fear the effects of space economy however, they will be seen in the coming decades. Italy plays an important role in this, with districts of excellence between Lazio is Campania for instance. Much could also come fromecosystem startups as Raffaele Mauro explained to us, Primo Space partner, in one of our podcasts.

Where innovations could first be appreciated is in the field of urban air mobility, i.e. vertiport and mobility of the future with citizens and commuters ready to board to take off to work. “Drones and flying taxis are obviously not based on supersonic speed, but I believe they have many points of contact with aerospace. We are not so far from the arrival of this scenario: we are discussing the regulations and this means that we are already thinking about the market ». But what are the opportunities and jobs that will arise once this new frontier is reached? "They range from spatial architecture to mining asteroids, or using them to collect rare resources on Earth."

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