Festival of the Future | New skills and new training. The never normal in the world of work

19-10-2021 | News

At the event Waiting for the Festival in Brescia the president of GEA-Management Consultants, Luigi advise, he explained what the course must be in the field of training. "The new normal and the never normal (two key concepts of the 2021 edition of the Festival del Futuro, ed) mean that we can never consider ourselves arrived - his words in the video interview -. The rule for any job is to continually question yourself. You have to train your muscles to change constantly. This is the message we want to give with the Festival of the Future: do not fear technology and change ». In view of the appointment of 18/20 November in Verona and in streaming we are talking about the various panels on the calendar (here the whole program) to present the topics that will be touched by the many speakers. On Saturday 20 November, for example, we would like to point out the meeting entitled New skills and new training, priority objectives for the relaunch scheduled at 9.

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In recent months we have told in depth the great transitions taking place, from digitization to sustainability. Among the many that cannot be postponed there is also that of training and skills: in an era in which more and more companies are making use of smart working entrusting more responsibility and autonomy to employees and professionals, these aspects are central. At the same time, the subjects STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), fundamental for young people called to choose which study paths to undertake. Almost needless to mention the fact that, as far as the skills digital, Italy is still at the bottom of the European ranking (according to the DESI index it is 25th out of 28). What can be done then?

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As we read in this article of theHarvard Business Review Italia, «Today digital is the change. […] It is not a topic reserved for professionals and it is not limited to the technological / IT aspects, but it is instead a way of thinking and acting. And it affects everyone's private and professional life, regardless of the sector of activity ». Here then is that the transition from new normal to never normal requires more activism is participation by individuals, whether they are employees or professionals, in their continuous training to cultivate skills that are always evolving in the market. Indeed, the opportunities of digitization require greater responsibility on the part of those who do not want to lose ground.

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