Signs of the future: economy and work. Trends in the new episode of the docuseries

16-06-2021 | News

Segnali di Futuro

What are the economic prospects after the pandemic? How will work change? Will the world be the same again? These are some of the questions to which the fourth episode dthe Signs of the Future try to give answers. The episode is available online in dedicated section of the site (where previous episodes are visible). "Economic prospects in the new global context" examines the multiple aspects of this pandemic which has had a negative impact all over the world, not only for the high price paid in terms of human lives, but also for the economic effects that have sunk the world's economies.

Everyone agrees on one fact: nothing will ever be the same again, the effects of Covid-19 they will be perennial. Even the positive ones such as digitization which has undergone a strong acceleration following the pandemic. The strong and timely response of countries with measures to support businesses and households, and the allocation of funds for recovery such as those disbursed by theEuropean Union with the Next Generation Fund. Also in this episode are involved international experts who come from different professional backgrounds.

Signs of the Future. the interventions

In the fourth episode of Signs of the Future you can listen to the interventions of Fabrizio Di Amato, Chairman of Maire Tecnimont, Carlo Ferraresi, CEO of Cattolica Assicurazioni, Emilio Rossi, CEO of EconPartners and Senior Advisor of Oxford Economics, e Maria Savona, Professor of Economics at LUISS. There docuseries - produced by Festival del Futuro, the physical and digital platform promoted by Eccellenze d'impresa is Gruppo editoriale Athesis with the scientific direction of Harvard Business Review Italia - addresses the main trends that will influence social and economic life in the coming years. As for the other episodes, the introduction will be edited by Enrico Sassoon, Director of Harvard Business Review Italy and Scientific Director of Festival del Futuro. The entire events and debates of the past years are available on the Youtube channel of Festival of the Future.

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