Festival of the Future 2021: speakers from A to G

Giuseppe Basso

Sergio Abrignani

Sergio Abrignani is an MD, PhD who from 1986 to 2005 worked as a researcher and manager in biotechnology companies in Switzerland, Italy and the USA. In 2006 he returned to Italy: he is professor of General Pathology and Immunology at the University of Milan and directs the National Institute of Molecular Genetics "Romeo and Enrica Invernizzi". His most recent research focuses on precision immunotherapy in oncology and viral infections. He has created several start-ups, is advisor to various venture capital funds, is part of the Board of Directors and CTS of various public and private research institutions.

Giuseppe Basso

Roberta Artuso

He has a background in Communication Sciences and a post-graduate master's degree in Branded Content and Entertainment.
He has over fifteen years of experience in Communication and Brand Marketing in the telecommunications sector.
He has always dealt with Communication, passing through Brand & Corporate Image, Below The line, Field Media Events, Social Media Marketing, finally arriving at Brand Empowerment.
Coordinates the research institutes that monitor the health of the brand (Reputation and Positioning), developing special initiatives aimed at enhancing the positioning of the brand and supervising the Brand Protection processes.
She is passionate about Brands, Stories, Communication, People.

Giuseppe Basso

Stefano Berni

Stefano Berni is the General Manager of the Grana Padano Consortium. In 1983 he was an officer for Coldiretti in Mantua and in 1989 it became Director of the Provincial Coldiretti Federation of Padua, one of the most important in Italy. No.in 1998 is he was appointed General Manager of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium, the most important PDO Consortium in Europe.

Umberto Bertelè

Umberto Bertelè is professor emeritus of strategy and president of the Digital Observatory Innovation at the Politecnico di Milano, where he graduated with honors in engineering in 1967. For nine years he was President of the High Speed Train TAV, And He was also Director in many companies in the industrial, public transport, banking-financial and ICT sectors. He is a columnist on many television programs and also collaborates with several business magazines. Author of numerous publications in Italy and abroad, for some years he was a columnist for de The sun 24 hours.

Alessandro Blasi

Alessandro Blasi provides strategic support to the IEA Executive Director on various topics. He is in charge of assigned priority projects and maintaining relationships with the private sector. Before he co-lead work on IEA's World Energy Investment Report and contributed as a senior analyst to the World Energy Outlook. Before joining the IEA, he worked in Prime Minister's office, WEC Italy and Eni Group.

Giuseppe Basso

Andrea Bolla

Manager and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, he is currently President and CEO of VIVIenergia and CEO of VIVIesco, one of the main independent operators in the sale of electricity and natural gas and energy efficiency in Italy. From 2009 to 2013 he held the role of President of Confindustria Verona and was part of the presidency team of Giorgio Squinzi with responsibility for fiscal policy. He is on the Board of Valdo Spumanti.

Giuseppe Basso

Gianfranco Bologna

Gianfranco Bologna (1953) naturalist and environmentalist, is Honorary President of the Scientific Community of WWF Italy, Full member of the Club of Rome, General Secretary of the Aurelio Peccei Foundation, and one of the national coordinators of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS). For over 45 years he has been working in the cultural, informative, didactic, training, planning of sustainability and nature conservation fields, in particular in WWF Italy, where he also played the role of Secretary General and Scientific Director. He has carried out and carries out teaching activities in numerous universities, he has held a course on the fundamentals of the science of sustainability at the University of Camerino for 10 years. He is a member of the Committee on Natural Capital at the Ministry of the Environment (law 221/2015), now the Ministry of Ecological Transition, where he also coordinates the Planet Group of the national Forum on Sustainable Development. He has written several volumes (among the latest, "Manual of sustainability" and "Sustainability in pills" both of Ambiente editions, and "Natura Spa. The Earth instead of GDP" by Bruno Mondadori editions), he has edited the Italian edition of over 150 volumes of some of the most prestigious international sustainability experts. He was a member of the government delegations in the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and in the World Summit on Sustainable Development UN in Johannesburg in 2002. He is the inspirer and one of the coordinators of the WWF lifelong learning platform, One Planet School, https://oneplanetschool.wwf.it.

Giuseppe Basso

Federico Caleno

Federico Caleno is Head of E-Mobility Italy of Enel X. Ldegree in Telecommunications Engineering, is joined Enel in 2001 to develop value-added services leveraging Smart's infrastructure Metering by Enel. From 2003 to 2008 he was also involved in promoting the Enel Smart solution Metering towards the Italian and international DSOs and led the development of the Enel Smart Info product to allow the end customer easy access to measurement data.

Giuseppe Basso

Gianpiero Calzolari

Chairman of Granarolo SpA since 2009 and of Granlatte since 2007.
Since July 2017 he has been President of Bologna Fiere.
President of Legacoop Bologna from 2004 to 2014.
He was Mayor of Monzuno from 1984 to 1991, Head of the Agri-food sector of Legacoop Bologna from 1999 to 2001 and President of Anca Legacoop Emilia-Romagna from 2001 to 2004.

Giuseppe Basso

Carlo Carraro

Carlo Carraro is Rector Emeritus and Full Professor of Environmental Economics at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice of which he was the Rector from 2009 to 2014. He was also the President of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE). He is Vice-President of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations organization that deals with climate change, and is President of the Commission on Climate Change, Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility established at the relevant Ministry (MIMS), as well as member of the High Level Advisory Group of DG ECFIN and of the Strategic Committee of the EuroMediterranean Center on Climate Change. In 2020 he was elected a member of the Academia Europaea. He received his doctorate from Princeton University.

Giuseppe Basso

Gabriele Catacchio

After a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Windsor (Canada), I joined the Stellantis group in 2013. I started working in Product Development, first as Planning Specialist and then as Program Manager, following the design and industrial launch of Jeep Renegade. I then worked in the Audit & Compliance department within a growth program called Corporate Leadership Development. From October 2019 I joined the e-Mobility team as Program Manager, coordinating the Commercial Launch Readiness and Human Resources workstreams. I am now global head of e-Mobility Communication.

Giuseppe Basso

Ornella Chinotti

Managing Director of SHL for Italy and France, member of the Board of Directors of La Doria, of the Lavoroperlapersona foundation and of Rondine Cittadella della Pace.
Fostering the integrated and harmonious development of people in work contexts and helping organizations to grow by cultivating the potential of people is the main passion.
Psychologist, coach and manager, she has been working for more than 30 years in the field of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management in national and international contexts.
To the study of human behavior he applies a lens that combines scientific research, data and business context, to capture the dynamism and nuances of the individual. He collaborates with several universities on the subject of human resources.

Giuseppe Basso

Ernesto Ciorra

Born in 1971, graduated in Business Economics at Bocconi University in Milan, magna cum laude, after many years of consultancy, he joined Enel on October 2014 as Chief Innnovability Officer. Founder of Ars et Inventio
(2003), a consulting firm focused only on innovation and creativity, he has supported many companies at designing and launching innovative products and services that have become popular worldwide. Nokia,
Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Poste Italiane, Eni, GDF, Edison, the P&G Fater and Fameccanica joint-ventures,
Unilever, RCS, Sole24Ore, BNP, Unicredit and American Express are some of the firms he cooperated with.
Lecturer of Innovation Management in Italian and Spanish universities and business schools (director of the
"Programa Avanzado de Gestión de la Innovación" at Istituto de Empresa de Madrid, professor and member of the Scientific Committee of the "Master in Strategic Innovation" at Cà Foscari), he has also authored four collections of verses and a theatrical play acted in several theaters in Italy (in Milan, Bologna, Taormina and Siracusa). Top tier Business Schools have written cases on His activity as Chief Innovability Officer at Enel and on the Group's transition towards a sustainable business model: Prof. Kramer - Harvard - The future of
Energy; Prof. Chesbrough - Berkeley - Enel: from Monopoly to Open Power; Prof. Monteiro - INSEAD - Enel's
Innovability; Prof. Birkinshaw - LBS - Enel SpA: A traditional utility embraces the digital revolution.

Luigi COnsiglio

Luigi Consiglio

Graduated in Economics and Commerce from Bocconi, with an MBA from Insead in Fontainebleau, since 2009 President of Gea, where he has worked since 1987. Today he is one of the world's leading experts in food and fast moving consumer goods, where he gained a profound knowledge of competitive and supply chain dynamics, of the main outlet channels and in particular of the Ho.Re.Ca channel and catering. He has developed his skills working both with production companies and with the major Italian retailers.
He has assisted in the growth of some of the major Italian companies through internationalization, the development of new products, access to different distribution channels and highly successful restructuring. He is a specialist in the redefinition of the strategic structure and in the operational implementation of major corporate changes, as well as of all extraordinary initiatives in the life of a company. He has followed complex international integration projects.

Manuela D'Onofrio

Manuela D'Onofrio holds the position of Head of Group Investment Strategy in UniCredit SpA and at the same time of Joint General Manager and Head of Investments & Solutions of Cordusio SIM, the Italian company dedicated to Wealth Management of the UniCredit Group.
She joined UniCredit Private Banking in 2003 as Chief Investment Officer.
She began her career at Chase Manhattan Bank and then continued at JP Morgan where she held various positions from 1991 to 1999. Manuela D'Onofrio earned a Degree in Mathematics with Honors from the University of Rome La Sapienza and a Masters in Mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, New York University.

Paolo De Castro

Paolo De Castro is Full Professor of Agricultural Policy at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. He was President of Nomisma SpA from 2001 to 2004 and Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies in the two D'Alema Governments (1998-2000). His research activity focuses on agricultural cooperation in CEE countries and on Community Agricultural Policy. He is the author of over 120 publications.
From July 2009 to July 2014, he was President of the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission of the European Parliament.
Since July 2019, again elected in the North-East constituency, he is Coordinator of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the EU Parliament, as well as a Member of the Agriculture Commission and the Budget Commission.
He is also scientific coordinator of the Center International des Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Mediterranéens (CIHEAM) in Paris and is also a member of the European Agricultural Economics Association (EAEA) and of the Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA).
He is full academic of the National Academy of Agriculture of Bologna, of the Economic Agricultural Academy of the Georgofili of Florence, of the Agricultural Academy of Pesaro and of the National Academy of Treja.

Mariangela Dejana

Mariangela Dejana was born on July 3, 1985 in Rome, where she attended La Sapienza University, graduating in biology with a specialization in ecology.
Always interested in the study and characterization of environmental parameters, she immediately became passionate about innovative remote and satellite analysis systems for the study and monitoring of the environment, with which she worked at the University of Plymouth, UK on her thesis on erosion and flooding in the coastal strip.
He has worked with satellite data in international organizations and private companies.
He holds a master's degree in Space Policies and Institutions from SIOI and subsequently worked at the association of companies for space activities.
After an institutional assignment at Palazzo Chigi as an expert for space policies of the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister, he currently works in D-Orbit, where he deals with institutional business development and relations with national institutions and ESA.

Giovanna Della Posta

With twenty years of experience in strategic sectors such as telecommunications and energy, in recent years he has led turnaround projects in the insurance and real estate fields, supporting companies in rethinking their business models to orient them towards growth and sustainable development.
Graduated in Economics, after a Masters in Economics and Finance, she completed the General Management Program at Harvard Business School in Boston in 2016. Since January 2019 he has been at the helm of Invimit SGR - a company owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in 100% - as Chief Executive Officer.
Giovanna Della Posta received in 2012 the Special Plaque at the 24th Edition of the Marisa Bellisario Award “Women: the Italy we want”, a recognition dedicated to women who have distinguished themselves in the managerial, scientific, economic and social fields at national and international level. In 2019 and 2020 it was included among the 50 protagonists of Italian Finance by the Finance Community, a recognition confirmed in 2021 with the inclusion in the top ten of the same ranking. In 2020 she received the "Woman of the Year" award at the Real Estate Awards.

Massimo di Tria

born in 1976, he is Chief Investment Officer of the Cattolica Assicurazioni group with responsibility for approximately 30 billion of assets and a member of the Management Committee of the same group. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Lombarda Vita and, before joining Cattolica, Deputy Global Head of ALM and Strategic Asset Allocation at Allianz in Germany. Previously, he worked for Allianz in Italy as Chief Investment Manager and for Fineco Investimenti Sgr. He was adjunct professor at Bocconi University where he taught Financial modeling, Equity portfolio management and Financial economics. Member of the CAIA Association, he holds an MBA with honors from the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin and a master's degree in economics and finance with honors from Bocconi University. Several international awards received, in particular in 2013 it was listed by Financial News among the “40 under 40 rising stars of asset management. He is the author of several publications and speaker at international events.

Mark Esposito

Mark Esposito is Full professor at the Hult International Business School e at the Harvard University. IS internationally recognized as one of the leading thought leaders in the field of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He is co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of Nexus FrontierTech, an AI scale up venture dedicated to helping businesses become more efficient and competitive by introducing the latest science of data management. He was inducted into Thinkers50's radar in 2016 as one of the world's top 30 business thinkers. He is a global expert of the World Economic Forum and consultant of national governments. From 2020 it's a Subject Matter Expert for the national artificial intelligence program at Prime Minister Office of the United Arab Emirates.

Maurizio Ferrera

Maurizio Ferrera is Professor of Political Science at the State University of Milan, as well as founder and President of NASP (Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Sciences), a consortium for doctoral training between Lombardy's and Piedmonts' universities. He has been Visiting Professor at numerous foreign universities, including the London School of Economics, the University of California at Berkeley, McGill University, the Institut d'Etudes Politique (Sciences Po) and the European University Institute. He has been a member of several scientific bodies, including the EUI's Research Council, the ECPR's Executive Committee, the Group of Societal Policy Advisers of the Barroso Presidency of the European Commission, the High Level Group on the Modernization of Social Protection as well as the jury committees of the Rokkan prize and the Skytte Prize. He is a member of the Lombard Academy of Letters and Sciences and in 2008 he was appointed to the “Order of Merit” of the Italian Republic. He has been co-editor of the Italian Journal of Political Science (with G.Sartori) and co-edits with M. Rhodes a book series on the welfare state for Routledge.
His research interests have spanned comparative welfare states, EU studies and political theory. He is the author of several volumes, including The Boundaries of Welfare (Oxford University Press, 2005, French translation in 2009). His works have appeared in major international journals and his latest articles is
Walking the road together? EU polity maintenance during the COVID-19 crisis, West European Politics, 2021.
In 2013 prof. Ferrera obtained an ERC Advanced Grant for a project on “Reconciling Economic and Social Europe: the role of ideas, values and politics” (REScEU: www.resceu.eu). In 2019 he has obtained an ERC Synergy Grant for a new project on "Sovereignty, identity and Solidarity in the EU post-2008", co-directed with Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI, Florence) and to Waltraud Schelkle (LSE) (www.solid- erc.eu)

Alessandro Finicelli

Alessandro Finicelli is CEO of Autobynet Srl, the Italian distributor of Mobileye, an Intel company, a global leader in the development of computer vision and machine learning, data analysis, localization and mapping technologies for advanced ADAS driver assistance systems and autonomous driving solutions. AV.

Andrea Granelli

Massimo Gaudina

Massimo Gaudina
He is currently Head of the European Commission Representation in Milan. Spokesman for the von der Leyen Commission in Northern Italy, he speaks both in the media and in public events on the main priorities of the EU, with particular attention to the European Green Deal, health issues, NEXT GENERATION EU and the Conference on the future of Europe.
In his 20 years in Brussels he was Head of Unit of the European Research Council (ERC), Head of Communication and International Awareness, Sector Head at the Directorate-General for Communication, member of the "Convention on the Future of Europe" task force at the General Secretariat and Press Officer of the Erasmus program.
In addition, he was head of communication at the Commission Representation in Rome.
Before becoming an EU official, he was a freelance journalist for various newspapers and radio stations both locally and nationally, including the national monthly magazine Campus.
Author of various scientific publications on European affairs, research and higher education (AREL, The International Community, Universitas)
Lecturer at various universities and training centers on European affairs.

Andrea Granelli

Roberto Giacobazzi

Roberto Giacobazzi is a lecturer at the University of Verona, where he teaches "New technologies and data management" and "Protection of intangible assets (SW and invention) between industrial law and copyright". AND been Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences. The main research interests concern the analysis and verification of software programs and systems with applications to the static analysis of programs, to the transformation of the code, and to the security and protection of software systems.
Andrea Granelli

Luca Giavi

After his legal studies at the University of Trieste, he dedicated himself to journalism, consultancy and training, until he took over the management of the Consortium for the protection of Treviso red radicchio and castelfranco variegato and, starting from 2011, the general direction of Consortium for the protection of DOC Prosecco.

Andrea Granelli

Enrico Giovannini

Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. Spokesman of ASviS - Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, he was chief statistician of the OECD from 2001 to August 2009, president of Istat from August 2009 to April 2013. From 28 April 2013 to 22 February 2014 he was Minister of labor and social policies of the Letta government. He is full professor of economic statistics at the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, professor of Public management at the Department of Political Sciences of the Luiss University and member of numerous boards of foundations and national and international organizations.

Giorgio Graditi

Engineer, 52 years old, Giorgio Graditi has been director of the Energy Technologies Department since 2020
Renewable sources of ENEA. Since 2019 he has been president of MEDENER, the association recognized by
European Commission that brings together the agencies of the Mediterranean countries involved in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources. He is coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee of the National Energy Technology Cluster and was an expert member of the MUR Working Group for the "Industrial Energy" Thematic Area, "Climate, Energy and Sustainable Mobility" Area, Plan
National Research Center 2021-2027. He coordinates several national and European research projects in the energy sector and is the author of scientific books and over 250 publications in international journals and congresses.

Anna Grassellino

Anna Grassellino is Senior Scientist is Director of the SQMS DOE National Quantum Information Science Research Center at the Fermilab of Chicago. After graduating from the University of Pisa, he earned a PhD in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been doing research since 2008; since the beginning of 2012 it is al Fermilab in the field of applied physics and superconductor technologies. Has received by the president of the United States Barack Obama the PECASE, that is to say the highest recognition that the government USA offers young and promising professionals in the field of scientific research.

Gabriele Grea

Gabriele Grea, Research fellow, GREEN, Bocconi University (chairman)
Researcher in transport and territorial economics, his activity concerns the themes of sustainable mobility, territorial development and infrastructures. He is involved in national and international projects in the field of urban mobility, energy policies and ICT applied to transport. Lecturer in economics of sustainable mobility at the Technische Universität of Berlin and Bocconi University in the Master in Economics and Management of Infrastructures and Transport (MEMIT).

Paolo Guerrieri

Paolo Guerrieri is visiting professor at the PSIA school, SciencesPo (Paris) and the University of San Diego, Business School, California (USA). Former Senator in the 17th legislature. President of the Scientific Council of the CER and of the Italian Economics Magazine, Head of the Economic Policy Observatory of AREL, Scientific Advisor of the IAI.
He has worked as a consultant for various international institutions and organizations, including the World Bank, the European Commission, the OECD, CEPAL.
He was Visiting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, ULB (Belgium), Bruges and Natolin College (Brussels and Warzawa, Poland), Complutense (Madrid, Spain).
Author of numerous volumes and articles on international economics, European economic integration, technological change.