Festival del Futuro 2023: i relatori da A a G

Sergio Abrignani

Sergio Abrignani is an MD, PhD who from 1986 to 2005 worked as a researcher and manager in biotechnology companies in Switzerland, Italy and the USA. In 2006 he returned to Italy: he is professor of General Pathology and Immunology at the University of Milan and directs the National Institute of Molecular Genetics "Romeo and Enrica Invernizzi". His most recent research focuses on precision immunotherapy in oncology and viral infections. He has created several start-ups, is advisor to various venture capital funds, is part of the Board of Directors and CTS of various public and private research institutions.

Giuseppe Basso

Julia Bettagno

General Manager of Casa Girelli Spa, she began her career in the wine sector at a very young age, collaborating over the years with well-known companies such as Zonin, a historic Venetian winery and Planeta, an iconic Sicilian production company, to then move on to nearby Franciacorta with Berlucchie at Enoitalia, a wine giant which has been part of Italian Wine Brands since last June. After having held positions of responsibility in the field of export management and export management, Bettagno arrives in the thirty Casa Girelli spa in July 2020 when, after the acquisition of the company by the Cavit Group, he takes over the General Management.
In 2020 she received the Young Manager Award in Rome, a prestigious award established by Federmanager with the aim of enhancing the role and value of managerial skills, the only awarded manager from the wine world.
He has been collaborating for several years with the German University of Geisheinheim, one of the most important in the sector, as a speaker in the faculty of viticulture and oenology, bringing his experience in Wine Marketing and Export Management

Pierluigi Bolla

Pierluigi Bolla, from Verona, born in 1951, is one of the protagonists of the world of Italian wine. He is currently President of Valdo Spumanti, the historic family winery founded in 1926 in Valdobbiadene, the heart of the production of Prosecco Superiore DOCG of which the company is the market leader.
A graduate in Economics and Commerce from the University of Verona, Bolla combined his experience as a producer of still wines (F.lli Bolla International Wines Inc.) and prosecco and sparkling wines (Valdo Spumanti) with prestigious positions in the public and private sector, in Italy and abroad.

Giuseppe Basso

Francesca Campolongo

Francesca Campolongo is the Head of Unit 'Finance and Economics' of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission and from 2021 she has held the role of Deputy Director of the “Innovation and Development” department. He started working for the JRC in 1998. He was part of the Task Force created in response to the COVID-19 economic emergency, and is currently part of the Task Force on the Economic Impact of the War in Ukraine.
As a background Francesca is a mathematician (she graduated in Italy from the University of Pisa) with a PhD in “Modeling and sensitivity analysis” from the Australian Griffith University.
Since 2011 he has led a team of scientific researchers specializing in macroeconomics and finance. In the past it has been actively involved within the European Commission in the implementation of a safer and more solid financial system, in the protection of bank account holders and aimed at creating the Banking Union. Since 2015 he has been leading the research project on social resilience.

Giuseppe Basso

Maximilian Cappa

Massimiliano Cappa is a passionate Chief Information Officer with a strong background of technical and managerial experiences in the ICT sector.
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, he holds a Masters in Management and Economics from the Enrico Mattei High School.
He began his professional career as a design engineer in the oil sector, but quickly fell in love with the world of Information Technology.
For seven years he worked in the consultancy field in the product development sector, to then move subsequently into the industrial world.
For more than twenty years he has been involved in digital transformation projects in many business sectors and manages multicultural teams in different countries of the world.
He has great professionalism in defining innovation proposals, with significant experience in change management and the implementation of ICT service strategies.
Today he holds the position of ICT Director of the Danieli & C Officine Meccaniche SpA group

Giuseppe Basso

Vanessa Carlon

Vanessa Carlon born in Verona in 1971, is married and has two daughters. Graduated in law from the University of Trento, she worked for twenty years at Index, a family business, in the chemical sector for construction. From 2013 to 2018 he held the role of Delegate in the General Council for the Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Section of Confindustria Verona. Vice-president of Palazzo Maffei Fondazione Carlon, she contributed to the creation of the Casa Museo di Palazzo Maffei to which she devotes herself full time as director. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Teatro Stabile di Verona and of the Neri Pozza publishing house

Pasquale Casillo

He was born in Corato in June 1969. He is the president and managing director of the holding company of the Casillo group, as well as director of some companies of the group. He is currently the president of the Autonomous Entity Fiera del Levante and has been a director of local financial institutions. Enthusiast of all management disciplines, a great lover of digital technologies, he believes that knowledge, discipline and respect for the rules, together with creativity, humility and passion, are the key to being coherent and authoritative in today's competition .

Marcello Ceccaroni

Dr. Marcello Ceccaroni, born in Cesena in 1972, is one of the world's leading experts in gynecological laparoscopic surgery and director, since 2014, of the UOC of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the IRCCS Sacro Cuore Don Calabria in Negrar (Verona), one of the most internationally important for the diagnosis and treatment of Endometriosis with over a thousand operations per year. Just "The Negrar Method" is the name by which the innovative "nerve sparing" technique for the eradication of endometriosis is known in the scientific community, but also applied in the oncological field, conceived by Dr. Ceccaroni. Founder and president of the ISSA, an entirely non-profit International School of Surgery, he is a member of the AAGL (American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists-Elevating Gynecologic Surgery), the most prestigious scientific society of laparoscopy and gynecological endoscopy, which in 2017 included him in the list of "Best of the Best Surgeons". Holder of numerous awards, in 2019 he had the privilege of carrying out a lectio magistralis of anatomy in the sectorial room of the Santa Maria Hospital in Florence where Leonardo da Vinci carried out his dissections on cadavers and opened for the first time on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of the great Florentine genius

Luigi COnsiglio

Luigi Consiglio

Graduated in Economics and Commerce from Bocconi, with an MBA from Insead in Fontainebleau, since 2009 President of Gea, where he has worked since 1987. Today he is one of the world's leading experts in food and fast moving consumer goods, where he gained a profound knowledge of competitive and supply chain dynamics, of the main outlet channels and in particular of the Ho.Re.Ca channel and catering. He has developed his skills working both with production companies and with the major Italian retailers.
He has assisted in the growth of some of the major Italian companies through internationalization, the development of new products, access to different distribution channels and highly successful restructuring. He is a specialist in the redefinition of the strategic structure and in the operational implementation of major corporate changes, as well as of all extraordinary initiatives in the life of a company. He has followed complex international integration projects.

Laura Dalla Vecchia

Laura Dalla Vecchia, graduated in Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice, is president of Confindustria Vicenza and president of the board of directors of Polidoro, a Schio-based company that designs and manufactures burners for gas combustion.
He is also president of the Neri Pozza Publishing House and member of the Board of Directors of the University of Verona

Stefano DeAlessandri

Stefano De Alessandri became Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the ANSA agency in September 2018. Graduated in Economics from the Bocconi University in Milan, he has gained significant experience in the general management of publishing companies and in management consultancy.
After starting out at Mediaset, he joined RCS Media Group in 1989 as Marketing Director and, subsequently, as Deputy General Manager of Periodicals. Subsequently in Condé Nast as Deputy General Manager, in 2003 he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer and General Manager in Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori and then, in 2005, with the same position he moved to Hachette Rusconi. Particularly committed to the enhancement of publishing brands and the integrated development of digital, in 2010 he moved on to directing Mondadori magazines and then to holding the position of Chief Executive Officer of Radio & International Activities of the Group.
From 2013 to 2018 partner and board member of the MED Region within EY (Ernst & Young), he was for 10 years at the top of publishing industry associations as Vice President of FIEG, Audipress, ADS and FIPP.

Ferruccio De Bortoli

 Milan, 1953. Law degree. Professional journalist since 1975.
He directed Corriere della Sera twice, from 1997 to 2003 and from 2009 to 2015. And Il Sole-24 Ore from 2005 to 2009. He was a columnist for La Stampa. In 2003-2004 he held the position of CEO of RCS Libri and chairman of Flammarion and Casterman. He is currently president of Vidas and of the Longanesi publishing house. He writes for Corriere della Sera and Corriere del Ticino.

Paolo De Castro

Paolo De Castro is Full Professor of Agricultural Policy at the University of Bologna, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. He was President of Nomisma SpA from 2001 to 2004 and Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies in the two D'Alema Governments (1998-2000). His research activity focuses on agricultural cooperation in CEE countries and on Community Agricultural Policy. He is the author of over 120 publications.
From July 2009 to July 2014, he was President of the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission of the European Parliament.
Since July 2019, again elected in the North-East constituency, he is Coordinator of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the EU Parliament, as well as a Member of the Agriculture Commission and the Budget Commission.
He is also scientific coordinator of the Center International des Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Mediterranéens (CIHEAM) in Paris and is also a member of the European Agricultural Economics Association (EAEA) and of the Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA).
He is full academic of the National Academy of Agriculture of Bologna, of the Economic Agricultural Academy of the Georgofili of Florence, of the Agricultural Academy of Pesaro and of the National Academy of Treja.

Andrea Degl'Innocenti

The 6-year adventure in an international marketplace such as ManoMano.it, where I contributed to the creation of one of the major European unicorns, marked my path in the digital sector: my mission today is to spread this culture in the Italian ecosystem as institutional, starting from the potential of ecommerce for Italian companies, up to the awareness and implementation of Blockchain technologies for the traceability of the Made in Italy supply chain.

Jeanne D'Esposito  

Giovanna D'Esposito is a Senior Executive with thirty years of international experience in sectors ranging from industry to ecommerce, online gaming and mobility, and with consolidated expertise in the development and management of high-tech platforms. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, after a few years at Procter & Gamble she obtained an MBA from INSEAD and moved to London, where for years she held strategic and operational roles mainly in consumer-oriented sectors. After 15 years of foreign experience, he returns to Italy where he leads the launch of two online gaming platforms. In 2019 he moved to Spain where he manages the Southern Europe region for Uber. Recently he is co-founder of The Sports Club, a Web3 project focused on the love of sport. Giovanna is an advisor for digital start-ups and sits on the boards of Mygrants, Sports Information Systems, and Estrima.


Mauro Fanin

Mauro Fanin is founder and President of Cereal Docks, an Italian industrial group, born in 1983 and active in the first agro-food transformation, for the production of ingredients (flours, oils, lecithins) derived from oilseeds (soy, sunflower, rape) and from cereals (corn, wheat, barley) and intended for applications in the feed, food, pharma, cosmetic and technical sectors.

Since 2021, Cereal Docks has been a Benefit Company, choosing to combine the purpose of profit with purposes of common benefit.

Currently, Cereal Docks Group has 6 production plants, 4 logistics hubs, 1 Quality and Innovation Center, over 250 employees and transforms 2.7 million tons of agricultural raw materials every year. In the last financial year it recorded revenues exceeding one billion euros.

A link between agriculture and industry, Cereal Docks transfers the demands of the food industry and therefore of the final consumer to farmers, differentiating and enhancing arable crops with a view to sustainability and innovation in agricultural practices, production processes and products.

Today's consumer demand for a healthy and genuine diet and expectations of health and well-being require safe, traceable, sustainable products with transparent and certified quality standards.

To respond to changes in consumption, the Cereal Docks Group pursues the objective of generating innovation in the sector of plant-based ingredients thanks to the research and development of new solutions, products and application opportunities, to ensure nutrition and well-being for people, animals and to the environment. 


Ezio Fregnan

Ezio Fregnan is Director of the Comau Academy, for which he coordinates numerous innovative training programs, aimed at executives, professionals and young talents, worldwide. He was Comau Training Director for more than ten years, managing corporate training processes in 12 different countries around the world.

Since December 2020 he has been a member of the General Council of Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services. He was a member of the FCA Global Training Committee and Coordinator of the FCA Global Manufacturing Training Community. His main areas of expertise are: Work and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behaviors, Change Management, Train the Trainers, Instructional Design, Educational Robotics, Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation.

He holds an Executive Phd in Work Organization Psychology and is a professor at the Catholic University of Milan. Since 2018 he is also an affiliate professor at the ESCP Europe Business School in London. Ezio Fregnan is the coordinator of numerous Executive and specialist Masters, focused on Industrial Automation, Digital Transformation and Innovation & Technology Management.

He is the author of numerous publications and scientific articles, including: "Managing training in a large company", Guerini and Associates, 2006; “Project and People Management: an operating toolbox”, Mc Graw Hill, 2011 published globally in Italian, English and Chinese; “Managing Challenges Across Cultures” Mc Graw Hill 2015 published globally in English and Chinese; “Youth, University and Company: the New Educational Perimeter”, Pearson 2018; “Learning Agility 4.0: ecosystems and cultural transformation”. Pearson 2021.

Peter Fusco

Piero Fusco has been Head of the Religious Institutions and Third Sector Business Unit of Cattolica Assicurazioni (Generali Group) since 2020. He began his career as an insurance agent and then became General Agent of Winterthur Assicurazioni and President of the Advenia Insurance Agency Company. Since 2008 he has been a consultant to the Religious Entities and Non-Profit Business Unit of Cattolica Assicurazioni, of which he became Head in 2015. In July 2019 he began his experience as a Manager in BAP Spa, the Life Company of the UBI Banca Group, before being appointed a few months later General Manager of UBI Sicura Spa, an agency company of the UBI Group.


Andrea Granelli

Roberto Giacobazzi

Roberto Giacobazzi obtained his PhD in Computer Science in 1993 at the University of Pisa. From 1993 to 1995 he held a research position at the Laboratoire d'Informatique (LIX) of the Ecole Polytechnique. From 1995 to 1998 he was a researcher at the University of Pisa. From 2000 to today he is Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Verona. In these two decades he was Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Verona from 2006 to 2012 and Director of the Department of Computer Science from 2019 to 2021. He is now Deputy Pro-Rector of the University of Verona. Since 2016 he is also senior scientist at the IMDEA Software Institute in Madrid (Spain) with a Cátedra de Excelencia of the Comunidad de Madrid awarded in 2017. Roberto Giacobazzi's research interests include software analysis and verification, programming, the fundamentals of information technology, digital asset protection techniques, and cybersecurity. He was co-founder of JULIA srl now part of GrammaTech Inc., of Cythereal Inc., and of Vero4Chain srl He received the Microsoft Research Software Engineering Innovation Foundation (SEIF) award in 2013, the Facebook Probability and Programming Research Award in 2020, the Amazon Research Award in 202 and the WhatsApp Research Award on Privacy Aware Program Analysis in 2022.

Andrea Granelli

Enrico Giovannini

Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility in the Draghi Government. Spokesman of ASviS - Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, he was chief statistician of the OECD from 2001 to August 2009, president of Istat from August 2009 to April 2013. From 28 April 2013 to 22 February 2014 he was Minister of labor and social policies of the Letta government. He is full professor of economic statistics at the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, professor of Public management at the Department of Political Sciences of the Luiss University and member of numerous boards of foundations and national and international organizations.

Luca Grivet

EY Partner – Technology Consulting Leader Italy
Luca Grivet Foiaia has 25 years of experience all carried out in the Consulting field. Great expert in corporate transformations and Technology Strategy, over the years he has developed skills in various areas of technology with always a great focus on innovation in almost all industrial sectors.
In EY since 2008 he has contributed significantly to the start-up and development of the Technology Consulting practice Italy, which he now leads and which has around 900 professionals.