Signals of the Future: technology and work at the center of the third episode of the docuseries

3-06-2021 | News

Segnali di Futuro

The new industrial revolution and technologies that change the world of work are the theme of the third episode of Signs of the Future, the docuseries produced by Festival del Futuro, the physical and digital platform promoted by Corporate Excellence and Athesis Publishing Group with the scientific direction of Harvard Business Review Italia. The episode is available on official site.

Signals of the Future: themes and speakers

"Technology and work: the new paradigms" - this is the title of the third episode of Signs of the Future - deals with the sudden change of work which in recent years has accelerated its transformation also due to the pandemic. In the episode, the experts analyze the issue from different points of view to indicate some trends that are now established such as, for example, forms of remote work that, at least in part, they will become the norm even after the health crisis; the debate also addresses the reconversion and training for the new professional skills that will emerge from digital revolution.

The speaker of the third episode of the Docuseries Segnali di Futuro sono Umberto Bertelé, Emeritus Professor of Strategy and President of the Digital Innovation Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, Ornella Chinotti CEO of SHL Italy and France, Maurizio Milan President of the Italian Association of Trainers e Alessandro Perego, Director of the Management Engineering Department of the Politecnico di Milano. Enrico Sassoon, Director of Harvard Business Review Italy and Scientific Director of the Festival of the Future, introduces the episode as always, illustrating the issues and priorities addressed in the debate.

Festival of the Future: the numbers of the event

The Festival of the Future is an initiative organized by Eccellenze d'impresa (a partnership between Gea-Management consultants, Harvard Business Review Italia is Arca Fondi SGR) is Gruppo Editoriale Athesis. Born in 2019, with the partnership of VeronaFiere, in 2020 it became a great digital event that has totaled over 870 thousand views counting almost 300 thousand unique visitors and a social reach that reached almost 1 million profiles. The 2021 edition will take place from 18 to 20 November.

The entire events and debates of the past few years can be fully enjoyed on Youtube channel of the Festival of the Future.

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