It is now the Value Based Healthcare also in Italy

8-07-2021 | News

At a time when healthcare systems around the world are under tremendous pressure, the need for rethink the paradigms underlying health management it became more and more evident. This is especially true for Italy, where the universalistic system represents one of the most precious assets for citizenship. The vision of a health care value based, which focuses on people's health care needs, provides direction for addressing present and future challenges.

The value, defined by Porter as the relationship between health outcomes and the real costs incurred over the entire cycle of care, must be the lighthouse that unites and coordinates the efforts of all the actors involved in the healthcare ecosystem. Only by starting from the improvement of the most relevant outcomes for patients can we also respond to the rationalization needs of health expenditure for which incremental interventions are no longer sufficient. As stated in the study carried out for Roche by the experts of Harvard Business Review Italia, the Value Based Healthcare represents a powerful model of health system management that aims to provide the tools for designing a new value-based healthcare. A model that requires a transformation of the way in which healthcare is provided and valued today, making full use of the new technologies available. (Download the study for free by clicking here).

«One of the main points is that there are many initiatives and experiments at the Italian level on Value Based Healthcare. However, a sort of single direction would be needed because there is still too much fragmentation - he explained Paolo Cervini, responsible HBR Italia Analytic Services - Among the leading countries in Europe we mention Wales, Holland and, in general, the Nordic countries ».

Value Based Healthcare: the path to innovate

As indeed for all transformation paths, a first phase of experimentation cannot be ignored. These are preparatory for explore innovative solutions, acquire new knowledge on applicability in the context of Italian healthcare and to generate the first results by establishing a virtuous circle of adoption. But to generate the changes that the system needs more and more urgently will be crucial stimulate implementation projects on a larger scale and system, for example at regional or hospital network level. In this context, to translate theoretical concepts into concrete actions it is necessary to align the role and contribution of each actor in the healthcare ecosystem.

«Value Based Healthcare - he added Hakan Johansson, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Italy - emphasizes an ecosystem approach to respond to health challenges. A strong openness to transversal collaboration by all the actors involved is therefore essential, from hospitals and institutions, to institutions and universities, up to companies in the life science sector. Now, more than ever, there is an opportunity to initiate value-centered partnerships. We at Roche strongly believe in our role as partner of the healthcare ecosystem, keeping in mind the final goal of improving the health outcomes of citizens through more sustainable and effective healthcare ».

The companies Life Science specifically, they are responsible for contributing and, where necessary, guiding the transformation process by making their skills available. In fact, the opportunity to experiment with new collaboration formulas with companies will allow the health system to increasingly evolve the quality of service in the various therapeutic areas.

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