Signals of the Future, the new episode on startups and innovation

29-06-2021 | News

Segnali di Futuro

The fifth appointment of Signs of the Future, the docuseries produced by Festival del Futuro - the physical and digital platform promoted by Eccellenze d'impresa is Gruppo editoriale Athesis with the scientific direction of Harvard Business Review Italia -, is about all-round innovation. From start-ups to large companies: how to do innovation is the title of the new episode that will be available from tomorrow, Thursday 1 July, in the dedicated section of the Festival del Futuro website.

Innovation is a continuous activity and integrated into Italian companies of all sizes. And we are not just talking about that within research centers and startups, which are still fundamental. Innovation, whether of product, process or market, is made every day in Italy. As he explained Enrico Sassoon, scientific director of Festival del Futuro, «We are facing the fourth industrial revolution, driven by technologies, especially digital ones. A transformation not only of products but of work and our habits ».

Signals of the Future: the guests of the fifth episode

The guests of this new episode of Segnali di Futuro are Angelo Coletta, President of InnovUp, Massimo Pasquali, Head of Coordination for Banco BPM companies, Gian Luca Rana, CEO Pastificio Rana, Vincenzo Russi, Co Founder and CEO of e-Novia e Stefano Sordelli, Future Mobilty Director of Volkswagen Italy. Among all the interesting reflections and experiences of the fifth episode of Segnali di Futuro we point out in particular the interview that Luigi Consiglio, President of GEA Management Consultants, made with Gian Luca Rana. Among the topics highlighted is how successful companies are in continuous transformation and innovation. To do this, this emerges from the interview, the most important challenge to be faced is the need to aggregate talents.

The 2021 edition of the Festival del Futuro will take place from 18 to 20 November and all the events and debates of the past years are available on the official YouTube channel.

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