“When I was working for IBM in England, one thing that has always struck me is how good the British are at enhancing their artistic and cultural heritage. I started from this reflection, in 2016, to give life to Arternative ». Alexander rooster he is the CEO of this innovative startup, founded in Parma, with the aim of using technology to make museums even more usable and open to visitors. "We have developed our app, Quick Museum, to help small businesses in particular to replace the old audio guides and to equip themselves with a new tool". To date, the Arterantive platform has 300 uploaded audio content and the app is available for iOS and Android systems. Arternative is one of the many companies that are part of the community of Experience the future that we are telling in view of the new edition of Festival del Futuro, scheduled from 18 to 20 November in Verona.

Arternative and the future of museums

As the director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin explained to us, Christian Greco, the future of museums is played out in multiple languages (on-site and online) and this leads these places of culture to connect to their own territory and to the whole world thanks to digital. "During the coronavirus emergency, with museums closed - explained the CEO of Arternative -, we have worked a lot on the virtual maps available on the platform, which allow users to visit places such as the Louvre and the Vatican Museums for free ». Meanwhile the innovative startup he has also carried out projects for reality increased.

Inclusion and technology

"At the Glauco Lombardi Museum in Parma we have developed an avatar of Duchess Maria Luigia that appears on the visitors' smartphone and tells about the various rooms, welcoming them". In the future, the company plans to grow on territory national, going to enrich cultural experiences. «We are planning an artificial intelligence project to create interactive memories, testimonies, with which people will be able to interact. We also have at heart the theme of integration into the world of culture: whoever arrives in our country must have the opportunity to visit our museums. We have also created products to improve accessibility, introducing content dedicated to people with disabilities ». After reality increased and theartificial intelligence Arternative's next challenge is that of holograms.

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