In view of the next edition of Festival del Futuro, scheduled to Verona and live streaming from 18 to 20 November, begins the story of the companies, SMEs and startups that are part of the digital community Experience the future. «We were born at the end of 2014, when the fashion renting market did not yet exist. Our basic idea is to offer the right dress for the right occasion. We have a physical store in Milan, but the online and e-commerce part is fundamental ». Catherine Master is the CEO and Founder of DressYouCan, Innovative SME focused on the sharing of women's clothes and dresses. The trend it has intercepted has been growing for years all over the world: in 2019, second this study, was worth $ 1.26 billion; the forecasts go up up to 2.8 billion by 2025.

«Our aim has always been to create a shared wardrobe that allows you to indulge in whims, without waste or follies - has explained Catherine - Sharing people's real wardrobes, making use of a treasure that we all have, has also allowed us to evolve the business model ». There sharing economy, which has been growing for years, has revealed new sensibilities on the part of consumers, increasingly attentive to savings, not to accumulate products and the environment. There transition ecological no longer postponable records significant progress in Italy, even if there are many aspects to work on. This and much more will also be discussed during the three days of Festival del Futuro in November.

DressYouCan: how it works

To offer a rental dress on DressYouCan the product must satisfy minimum quality standards. «When the private individual entrusts us with a suit, we do the shooting, store, do laundry and we pay him a fee on each rental. DressYouCan acts as an intermediary. Our ecommerce has been designed to satisfy stringent criteria of punctuality and calendar ». To understand how much the digital it is essential for similar activities - able to cover the entire national territory with its offer - just think that the ratio between rentals in the physical store and online rentals have a ratio of one to four.

The maximum rental on DressYouCan lasts eight days and the company guarantees to get the dress to arrive within 48 hours of placing the order. «The lockdown has certainly impacted on the business because we are a company linked to sociality - concluded the CEO - but this phase has put the issue of sustainability in the spotlight. The desire to buy has not decreased, the approach has changed ».

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