TV series, the future between dystopia and comedy: 5 titles not to be missed this summer

6-07-2021 | News

The easiest way to think about the future is, in fact, to imagine it. Cutting-edge technologies, robots, self-driving cars, drones and smart cities where everything is connected. Tomorrow, perhaps, we will be able to look at smartphones as something out of date and get used to the idea of colonize Mars. At the same time, however, the transition it will have to take into account moral and ethical obligations regarding inclusion, respect for diversity and environmental and social sustainability. Many of these topics can also be explored thanks to tv series available in streaming, which between hope and dystopia stage the future from various points of view. So here's ours list of five series for all tastes. From pessimistic plots to scripts that instill hope and curiosity towards the unknown.

Upload (Amazon Prime Video)

Up Amazon Prime Video it's available Upload, sci-fi tv series by Greg Daniels. At first glance it might seem dramatic, but the story of Nathan (played by the actor Robbie Amell), set in 2033, is that of a man who can be given a new chance. After a bad accident, he decides to indulge his girlfriend's wish and get high to load in a digital afterlife with an avatar. The comedy, with a fast-paced and at times witty pace, deals with themes that are more current than ever. Especially because the incompatibility between reality and virtual it is taken to its extreme.

Black Mirror (Netfilix)

It is one of the most iconic titles on the streaming platform Netflix. The five seasons of Black Mirror they all collect episodes in their own right, each with its own plot and its own vision of the world. The red thread that connects them is a dystopian, at times tragic vision of the future. From the shocking pilot episode, the viewer is taken on a disturbing journey to discover technologies that distort social relationships and form the basis for scenarios Orwellians.

Travels into the Future (Disney +)

Available on Disney +, Travel into the future is a series produced by National Geographic and dedicated to long-term perspectives. What will life be like for living beings on Earth in a million years? In six episodes (less than an hour each), the docuseries ranges from the impact of artificial intelligence to new energy sources.

Mars (Disney +)

The red planet is one of the targets that the NASA, SpaceX is the entire aerospace industry of the great powers have fixed themselves for the next few years. Waiting to understand when we can afford to imagine the first man to land on Mars, the homonymous series available on Disney + it is a fascinating journey that mixes documentary and fiction. Also in this case, 2033 is found as the decisive year. Produced by National Geographic, this series is especially suitable for those who follow the companies of Elon Musk closely - we had also published ours on this subject video interview with Roberto Battiston, former president of ASI - dreaming of an interplanetary future for humanity.

Connected (Netflix)

Latif Nasser is a science journalist and in Connected, series available on Netflix, accompanies the viewer to discover the many connections that exist between us and the world. In a historical era overwhelmed by the pandemic emergency, in which we all lived an experience in common, feeling on the same boat, this series helps to reinforce the idea that on Earth there is a connection between everything and everyone.

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