Cina e Stati Uniti, a che punto siamo? Intervista a Danilo Taino

China and the United States, where are we? Interview with Danilo Taino

At the microphones of the Festival of the Future, the intervention of Danilo Taino, journalist and author of Corriere della Sera, to talk about the USA and China. How does the clash / confrontation between the two super powers continue? Economic warfare is also fought on the edge of technology. In the world, the dominance of Big Tech does not only speak American. And the TikTok question? Is the ByteDance social network the expression of Beijing's soft power over the West?
Dario Fabbri in podcast: «Il declino dell’Italia? Un’opportunità geopolitica»

Dario Fabbri in podcast: «The decline of Italy? A geopolitical opportunity »

Dialogue with Dario Fabbri, journalist from Limes, on the future of geopolitical scenarios after the explosion of the pandemic. From the role of Italy in Europe (Italexit risk?) To the next elections in the USA. Why won't China overtake the United States? In the lockdown, the European illusion dreamed of a lasting brake on immigration. And then the latest dictatorships: Maduro and Kim.