Andrea Stocchetti (Ca’ Foscari): «Auto elettriche? Il vero obiettivo è meno veicoli in città»

Andrea Stocchetti (Ca 'Foscari): «Electric cars? The real goal is fewer vehicles in the city "

How to accelerate the change towards sustainability that is economic, environmental and social at the same time? From the role of public administrations to integrated urban planning, from participatory projects to new professional figures such as the mobility manager and the mobility mediator. We discussed it with Andrea Stocchetti, associate professor of Business management & Competitive Analysis and teacher of the Master Mobility Innovation & Management of Ca 'Foscari Challenge School.
E ora mobilità intelligente: dal monopattino all’auto elettrica

And now smart mobility: from the scooter to the electric car

"And now intelligent mobility: from scooters to electric cars" is the third special in view of the Festival del Futuro 2020, published in the Athesis newspapers on October 15, 2020 and edited by Harvard Business Review Italia, Athesis and Excellence d'impresa. Read the introduction and download the complete pdf.