VC Hub Italia: Venture Capital and investors together for an innovation policy

4-11-2020 | Featured in HP, News

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Founded at the end of 2019 by the managers of six of the main funds of Venture Capital active in Italy, VC Hub Italy today has more than 30 investing shareholders - including Venture Capital funds, family offices and corporate venture capital - as well as more than 80 startups and innovative SMEs, which have received over half a billion euros in different funding rounds. Among these are BrumBrum (used car ecommerce and long-term rental), Casavo (Proptech), Credimi (Fintech), DoveConveni (Drive to store), Moneyfarm (Fintech), Everli (online shopping marketplace), Echolight (Life Sciences) and WeTaxi (Mobility).

The association aims to change part of the regulatory ecosystem to make it easier to invest in innovation in Italy, attract more public and private capital and enhance innovation as a driver of competitiveness and the country's economic and social growth. "We also want to spread the knowledge of venture capital and build an Italian culture of venture capital, which so far in Italy has been limited in its development also because it is not yet sufficiently known", he declares Fausto Boni of 360 Capital Partners, first President of VC Hub Italia.

To achieve these objectives, the association constantly collaborates with the institutions: "We have collaborated constructively with the government in the preparation of the" Startup Package "and we will be happy to work with the same spirit on the implementing decrees and the conversion of the decree into law - he declares Francesco Cerruti, General Manager of VC Hub Italia -. In particular, we hope that the principle of the destination of the support fund for Venture Capital will be further detailed, which VC Hub would like based on the co-investment methods with a multiplier compared to private investments, through the formula of the loan converting ».

«We are also confident in a reshaping of the subdivision of the total resources envisaged by the package - continues Cerruti -. In fact, we hope that mechanisms will be favored which provide for the allocation of a more significant part of the resources to operations which take into account the actual potential of companies. We are ready to cooperate in finding the best solution for the prediction of a tax credit, a key measure for a sector which by its very nature is often dependent on bank loans. We are confident in the speed of the process for the disbursement of funds, so as to allow allocations by and no later than the end of 2020 ».

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