Tra scienza e fantascienza

Tra scienza e fantascienza

Oggi l’intelligenza artificiale (IA), specie con il salto compiuto nei mesi scorsi con l’uscita esplosiva di ChatGPT e l’IA generativa, fa sempre più parte delle nostre abitudini quotidiane, sia nel mondo del lavoro sia tra le nostre pareti domestiche. Ogni tanto solleva qualche inquietudine, ma tutto sommato ci viviamo abbastanza bene.
Consumi: come si presenta il 2023?

Consumption: what does 2023 look like?

Today's customers aim for a wider range than ever before Every new year represents a new beginning, whose resolutions offer a recurring opportunity to transform our lives for the better, by improving health, relationships, finances or any.. .
Guardare al futuro con ottimismo

Look to the future with optimism

There are many events in our lives that can disturb us, throwing us into despair and upsetting our vision of the future. But there are also powerful tools that can help us recalibrate our view of the world to get us to look again…
PMI: aggregarsi per vincere

PMI: team up to win

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of the Italian economic fabric: more than 90% of our production structure is made up of SMEs, differentiating us in this from other European countries. There has been much debate as to whether this is good or bad. From...