Football and Streaming: With Twitch and Dazn, it's just the beginning

27-04-2021 | Featured in HP, News


The platform that has acted as a springboard for many streamers, with the boom in esports - video games at a competitive level, which count in Italy nearly half a million daily fans with his eyes fixed on the live broadcasts - he is also opening the doors to the sport played. We are talking about Twitch, purchased by Amazon in 2014 for 970 million dollars. Agreements with professional teams and leagues have been in place for some time. The streaming site founded in 2011 has already broadcast some important matches: recently, for the first time, a classic of the Liga Spanish, or rather the Basque derby between Real Sociedad is Athletic Bilbao. In the past he had also made agreements with Premier League and for some games of the UEFA Champions League to be broadcast in Germany.

Acceleration towards contents digital it is therefore also found in the world of sport. In Italy more and more teams are interested in the phenomenon: i channels officers through which to keep in touch with fans and enthusiasts. But there's more: During the controversy over the project Super League - the midweek competition which, in the intentions of the founding companies, should have been closed and without relegation - the president of Juventus, Andrew Lambs, has explained that the goal of the tournament is to "face the Fortnite or Call of Duty competition which are the real centers of attention of today's kids, who will spend tomorrow".

Football: rights and shows

At the end of March Dazn won the Serie A TV rights match for the three-year period 2021-2024, beating a major player like Sky. The 840 million euro annual agreement will allow the web platform - which started broadcasting matches of the Italian championship only in 2018 - to offer a total of 266 exclusive Serie A matches and 114 co-exclusive matches. How commented the company is the "most important agreement for sports streaming ever made in Europe". Dazn is part of Perform Group, the company of Len Blavatnik, Ukrainian billionaire born in 1957, who invests in various sectors, including tech companies such as Snapchat, Spotify is Zalando.

With the Serie A match the goal of Dazn is to strengthen its position on the domestic and international market such as Sports Netflix. From what we read on Football and Finance the goal to make ends meet for this investment in the Italian league is to collect at least 3 million subscribers who have so far watched football matches, especially on TV. The transition to the streaming this is nothing new, but the pandemic has certainly accelerated this trend, as is also shown by the choice of an entertainment giant such as Disney to focus their efforts on Disney +. Eleven Magazine has already dealt with the online use of matches and how all this ends up influencing the football show.

Amazon: ten-year agreement with the NFL

In 2017 the Edinburgh derby between Hibernians is Heart of Midlothian was seen by 100 thousand people on Periscope, an app first purchased and then closed by Twitter. The case study could continue with other football teams that have chosen the path of online and social media: such as Roma, the first European team to broadcast a friendly match with the Russians of the Terek Grozny. If for the next three years the use of football will be increasingly digital in Italy, passing through smart TVs, smartphones and tablets, the phenomenon affects the entire football sector. sport live. The ecommerce giant Amazon has in fact made an operation official monstre with which it was awarded the exclusive of Thursday Night Football of the NFL from 2023 to 2033. On the plate the CEO Jeff Bezos he has put in over a billion dollars every year.

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