Next Generation EU, gli operatori IT: «Ricerca e competenze per lanciare il 5G»

Next Generation EU, IT operators: "Research and skills to launch 5G"

The Italian spending program of the Next Generation EU funds must provide a strong impulse to the development of the 5G technology market, acting on the development of skills and the strengthening of research and development, as well as intervening on the front of stimulating the demand for technology. To say it is Marco Gay, president of Anitec-Assinform.
Digital Magics, un incubatore che non smette di investire e una palestra per reagire ai cambiamenti

Digital Magics, an incubator that never stops investing and a training ground for reacting to changes

Almost 95 million euros raised by the startups incubated between 2011 and 2019, over 50 Open Innovation programs in five years, organized in partnership with Italian companies, listed on the AIM of the Italian Stock Exchange since 2013, among SMEs with high potential for growth. We are talking about Digital Magics, founded in 2003 and since 2008 one of the most important business incubators in the country.