2021 of Italian startups: investments exceed 1.4 billion. All data

2-12-2021 | News


The ecosystem is growing and has been able to face the difficult years of the pandemic with resilience. The talent of young entrepreneurs and startups that we also saw at the last edition of Festival del Futuro to Verona and streaming (on our channel YouTube you can find the interventions of the three days divided by panel) is also read in the recent data published byStartup Hi-tech Observatory promoted by the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano in partnership with InnovUp. Among the most significant numbers we mention that onequity: in 2021, total investments in Italian hi-tech startups reached € 1.461 billion, a value more than doubled (+ 118%) compared to the total recorded in the final balance of 2020 (669 million euros). In such a scenario, the central role of institutional actors such as funds is also confirmed Venture Capital: from 294 million invested last year, we went to 576 million in 2021.

"The investment figure marks the strong recovery of the ecosystem following the crisis linked to the pandemic, whose watchword in 2020 was" kept "in the face of the emergency situation faced by numerous startups", commented Antonio Ghezzi, Director of the Hi-Tech Startup Observatory. But what do the numbers still tell us? Of the 193 funding rounds registered so far in 2021, the 60% is a first round, which is the first investment ever raised by an innovative startup. The average cut in investments in the first round was down compared to last year (from 4.7 million to 4 million). Instead, it improves the situation in the following rounds: : in 2021 they recorded an average of 12 million euros per single capital increase, compared to 9 million in 2020.

"It is necessary for the State to make structural the injection of liquidity in the order of magnitude of several billion euros into the ecosystem and not just a" one-off "measure, in order to start a virtuous circle that generates a market capable of grow independently - these are the words of Angel Coletta, President of InnovUp - the startups operating within the most developed European countries from this point of view are supported by a public / private venture capital market that collects tens of billions a year. And it is therefore essential to reduce this gap more and more, in order to prevent our most successful young companies from moving abroad in the stages following their foundation ». Finally, the chapter of financing international: it has gone from about 130 million euros (2020) to over 435 million this year,

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