InnovUp is born: Italian innovation has a new home

23-09-2020 | News

Angelo Coletta e Fabrizio Conicella, presidente e vicepresidente di Innovup
Angelo Coletta and Fabrizio Conicella, president and vice president of Innovup

Lobbying, Knowledge, Business and Networking: these are the four keywords and the four objectives to achieve which it is born InnovUp - Startup & Tech Italian Ecosystem, the new association of the Italian ecosystem of startups and innovation, born from the merger between Apsti, Association of Science and Technology Parks active since the mid-90s, e Italy Startup, Italian Association of Startups and Innovation, created in 2012 following the launch of the Italian Startup Act. The new entity acts as a privileged interlocutor on the issues of innovation and startups towards central institutions (government and parliament in primis), regional and European.

InnovUp numbers and priorities

Less fragmentation and more strength in carrying out the demands of the Italian innovation system. These are the basic reasons for the choice of merger. The new association puts more than 3,000 ecosystem realities online: Apsti brings together 20 Science and Technology Parks for a total of 150 research centers and over 3,500 hosted companies, overseeing the components of research & development, technology transfer, growth of innovative companies and local roots, while Italia Startup has in itself first and foremost the startups and - alongside them - all the subjects that support them, with over 200 accelerators / incubators, corporate, scaleup and associated enablers.

InnovUp aims to reduce the fragmentation of the sector by welcoming all those who recognize themselves in the new representation project and at the same time aims to strengthen the territorial and international presence through the enhancement of all categories of members, in line with the provisions of the recent Relaunch Decree approved by Government and Parliament (with the definition of the Fund for Technology Transfer, the strengthening of the National Innovation Fund and the refinancing of the Smart & Start Fund) which assigns an important role to the contamination between the ecosystem of startups and innovative SMEs with the system of large companies national and international.

The InnovUp Board of Directors

They will sit at the top of the new board of directors Angelo Coletta as President e Fabrizio Conicella as Vice President, they both chaired their respective associations since 2018. The notary aspects of the operation were followed by Milano Notai. The new InnovUp Board of Directors will consist of all the directors of the two founding realities: Angelo Coletta (Zakeke), Fabrizio Conicella (Openzone), Alvise Biffi (Assolombarda), Luca Capra (Trentino Sviluppo), Gianluca Carenzo, Stefano Casaleggi (Area Science Park), David Casalini (Startupitalia!), Giovannella Condò (Milan Notaries), Giovanni De Lisi (Greenrail), Alberto Fioravanti (Digital Magics), Francesca Gambarotto (Galileo Visionary District), Vittoria Gozzi (Wylab), Giuseppe Iacobelli (Angels Lab Academy), Giovanni Iozzia (Digital360), Stefano Mainetti (Polihub), Salvatore Majorana (Kilometro Rosso), Stefano Paracchi (Genenta Science), Fabrizio Rametto (Lovby), Giuseppe Scuderi (Scientific and Technological Park of Sicily), Francesco Senatore (Tuscany Life Sciences Foundation), Maria Silva (Genova High Tech), Stefano Soliano (Como Next), Valentina Sorgato (Smau).

"From today Italia Startup and its partners will be able to consolidate their initiatives aimed at creating a favorable environment for the birth and growth of innovative startups and SMEs, strengthening network relationships at national and international level - he declares Angelo Coletta, President of InnovUp -. The merger will bring new lymph to the projects already in place both in terms of internal dynamics and as a potential for external projection of the group's activities ".

«The science and technology parks associated with Apsti represent a system resource that operates with a strong local roots to stimulate innovation and the growth of innovative companies. The integration with the partners of Italia Startup represents the completion of an ideal supply chain to support innovation, from the idea to the market - he declares Fabrizio Conicella, Vice President of InnovUp -. The new associative context will be able to favor the projects currently underway, in a more representative and impactful context in terms of contribution to the Italian innovation system ».

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