Enrico Pandian
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Successful startups and exits: Enrico Pandian's advice

Interview with Enrico Pandian, founder of startups such as Supermercato24 and FrescoFrigo. Idea and execution, the innovation ecosystem in Italy and what it takes to grow. After the last exit with Checkout Technologies, sold to Standard Cognition to build the supermarkets of the future, here are the recommendations of the Veronese entrepreneur. «Excellent opportunities abroad, but you have to start from Italy». Curated by Alessandro Di Stefano.

Davide Dattoli

Davide Dattoli: «The new job? Between home and coworking »

The lockdown also closed the doors to shared workspaces. Yet for the coworking sector, the Covid19 emergency has resulted in a forge of opportunity and a possible growth already starting from the current reopening phase. Davide Dattoli, founder and CEO of Talent Garden, the largest coworking network in Europe, explains why and talks about the future of the sector. Interview by Giulia Cimpanelli.

Andrea Di Camillo
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Andrea Di Camillo: «Venture Capital: after incentives, simplify»

The legislator has made progress, now we need to streamline the bureaucracy and make long-term investment plans in startup and support for venture capital: the point of Andrea Di Camillo, managing partner of P101, on VC Hub - the association of Italian Venture Capital - and on the future of the sector in Italy. Interview by Giulia Cimpanelli.

Federico Faggin e Francesco Profumo
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Horizons of science: from recent conquests to the next 20 years

The first edition of the Festival del Futuro closes with exceptional guests: "Horizons of science: the most recent achievements and those of the next 20 years" is the title of the session of 17 November 2019 which, in collaboration with the Festival of Science, sees comparison Francesco Profumo, President of the Bruno Kessler Foundation and President of the Compagnia di San Paolo (chairman), Federico Faggin, physicist and entrepreneur, Giuseppe Basso, Director of the Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine, and Barbara Caputo, Full Professor of the Department of Automation and Computer Science of the Polytechnic of turin.

Alberto Mattiello
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The government of digitalization and the role of the university

Digital, like all technological revolutions, brings with it great opportunities but also risks. "The government of digitization and the role of the university" is the theme at the center of the second session of 17 November 2019 at the Festival del Futuro, organized in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin.
Antonio Vetrò, Senior Fellow of the Nexa Center on the Internet and Society (chairman), Andrea Granelli, President Kanso, Carlo Blengino, Fellow of the Nexa Center on the Internet and Society, and Alberto Mattiello, Scientific Committee of the Small Industry of Confindustria discuss it.

Mariasole Bianco
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The planetary challenge: climate, environment, energy, migration, resources

Climate change is the great challenge of the 21st century. In the second session of November 16, 2019, at the Festival of the Future, the discussion on "The planetary challenge: climate, environment, energy, migration, resources" is staged, in collaboration with ASviS.
Enrico Sassoon, director of Harvard Business Review Italia (chairman), Enrico Giovannini, spokesman for ASviS - Italian Association for Sustainable Development, Mariasole Bianco, Vice Chair IUCN's WCPA, Massimo Gaudina, Head of the European Commission Representation in Milan, Stefano Sordelli, discuss it. Future Mobility Manager, Volkswagen Group Italy.